Before you begin to submit your projects or setting up your account with Clipping Path CIT, please read the following Terms of Service sincerely. These Terms of Service is a full guide to regularize your access to and enjoy our all kind of image editing service. This will completely direct you to the liabilities of ours. This also governs you to a binding agreement between you and Clipping Path CIT. Here in this note, all the compliance’s conditions are expressed completely. Notice that any violation of these Terms of Service may lead the agreement terminated. And the liabilities are totally upon you, not Clipping Path CIT.

Clipping Path CIT believes in Change, hence, time to time alteration of Terms of Service can be implemented. Please refer to the web page to be updated about the changes. Most importantly you are agreeing to bound to those changes or update of Terms of Service.

Our Services

The Clipping Path CIT Company serves the world with a handful of expertise on Photoshop. We do offer our global client such variety of benefits. Our main job is to enhance perfection in photographs. Our fundamental services are Photo masking service, Photo retouching service, Image cropping and resizing service, Image shadow making service, Ghost mannequin service, Headshot retouching service, Clipping path service, Image/photo background remove service, Multiple clipping path, Image color correction and recolor services.

By Clipping Path CIT services you may use your photos for uploading, downloading, storing and sharing to anywhere on the web. You have all the rights to transmit it everywhere, we don’t complain about the rights of our manipulated images.

We are loyal to provide our services just according to the photos and instructions submitted by our members. Whenever we receive the submission of the project by Clipping Path CIT, we start our working. Delivery time may be varied with the amount of images and complexity level of work. Our clients have the opportunity to choose their own delivery time before payment. We deliver the finished images to our clients by email, an FTP, WeTransfer, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Specification and prices

Prices which offer to our client sometimes may vary with the price displayed on our website page. As it is we are not always able to disclose our pricing base upon the complexity of the images. As for this reason, our pricing may vary sometimes.

As our rules, you are agreed to pay for additional, unforeseen work which are not mentioned on our website page. On the contrary, you are advised to adjust any price adjustments before submitting your images. And to be remarked we reserve the right to cancel the contract at any time.


As a client, you will submit certain images to Clipping Path CIT. We do follow some terms of submission rule to provide better service. In the time of submission you are agreed that you will NOT post, place or transmit any of the following images or material regarded using our Service:

1. Any content that pornographic, abusive, inappropriate, harm against any individual or group, provoking racism, unlawful.

2. Any material that is sent from an anonymous or false address.

3. Any material that is violated by our rules and regulation.

4. Any material that is conflicting our publicity, copyrights or other intellectual rights without the permission of our legal rights.

5. Any material contains viruses or any code that could be hazardous to our system, functionality and designed to interrupt our communication system.

6. Any material stimulating abnormal behavior of a child under the age of 18 or in other word considered as child pornography.

7. Any material which may violate of other natural resources organization.

8. Any material which is supporting terrorism organization.

While Clipping Path CIT is not responsible for conflicting posts, content, images provided by the members of this company, we have the full rights in its prudence to (1) move, delete or edit the submission (2) take other appropriate action to lighten the misuse of our service.

Clipping Path CIT always wants the confirmation of copyright or trademark claims of the submitter. If you as a submitter fail to reclaim the copyright confirmation of the images we will likely to share the information with the governmental organization, law enforcement authorities or other third parties. In the case of a copyright claim, we reserve the right to suspend the viewing, display of any images until the issue has been figuring out.

Payment and refund

Our prices are quoted in US dollars ($) for a customer around the world as well as the euro (€) for customers within Eur

Our price and packages will guide through the reference only. Pricing may change according to the complexity of the images. It is totally dependent on the specific requirement of submitted projects of the clients. Furthermore, it is also dependent on the limiting time for completing the projects.

Billing and shipping information

Firstly, we accept payment by PayPal/Skrill/Neteller. PayPal is our cooperator and the safest and most secure way to pay online. If you have a PayPal account, you can pay by your account directly. If you don’t have any, then you can pay by debit or credit card directly through by PayPal.


When we can’t delivery in the limited time on the first version, we will refund your payment. In the event of being displeased with our work, a refund will NOT be issued. In that case, you can demand your instructions within 30 days of delivery. We will be happy to redo your same photos for free. We are always ready to high-end revision for free as long as your revision request follows below terms.

First consideration of ours is time. We accept revision request within 30 days afterwards completion of the order. If you do not request for revision within 30 days, automatically your chance of getting revision will be cancelled. Later on, you have to place a new order for editing the same photos.

It is instructed that revision should NOT be contradictory of the original instructions of editing photos when the order was placed.

If you demand bulk revision, you need to contact us immediately and make a negotiation with us. If you get in touch within 7-10 business days, complex editing can be made easily.

CPCIT makes no warranty that our services will fulfill all your requirements or completed photos will meet the prospect of yours.

Free trial

We offer a free trial for the professional photographers or other agency of photographic society.

Our offer includes service of basic photo retouching, photo recoloring, clipping path, background remove, teeth enhancement, skin retouching, jewellery retouching, exposure adjustment, image masking, wrinkles remove, object removing and so on. We do offer any photo manipulation to the highest complex level.

You must provide all the information regarding your company information, name, address, website link to upload 1 (one) image. After your details being verified, you will get the completed image with our signature. As we have provided our time, you agree that we may use your free sample and before-after comparison with a photo credit to you in our portfolio/social media. And we do NOT claim any copyright to completed photos by our clients.

Revision policy

CPCIT provides 3 rounds of revision within30 days of placing an order. These 3 rounds of revision are free if this action happens within 30 days. Revision should not conflict with the original instruction when you place an order. After all the 3 rounds of revision, you will be asked to pay more for the service you are asking. And we are NOT making any warranty that our services will provide all your expectation always.

Photo replacement

We do NOT accept photo replacement after the order is placed. If you send the image wrong, you should NOT ask us to edit another photo editing for free as a replacement. And it is your responsibility for the consequences of sending the wrong images.


We always offer our clients negotiations. If there is any dispute about contractual offering with the clients, we will happily offer our clients settlement about contractual disputes.

Cancellation and Termination of Business

Clipping Path CIT reserves the right to cancel the business order/service or terminate the deal or suspend the account at any time without recourse to the courts.

We will suspend an account or terminate business if we get the proof of it has been used that propose abuse of our service. We will also suspend your account if you are challenging a payment that you have made to us. And asking the cancellation of a running project without an accurate reason will terminate the business.


As this Terms of Service may be changed from time to time, you are bound to keep in agreement with the update. You continued use of this Clipping Path CIT services with understanding the Terms of Service and any updates. Any violation of these arrangements may result in termination of your account.

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