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  • Glamour Retouching Service

Glamour Retouching Services

Glamour retouching and enhancement of portraits (model, pageant, wedding and glamour photography) is a retouching process by which your photos are given a professional edge over other normal editing techniques. Regular photo will look chic and glamorous once we retouch it. If you want your portrait to reveal your beauty and conceal imperfections let us help.

Each of your photographs presents a unique challenge. If you want them to look their best, every photo needs to be carefully hand edited, providing superior control and results. That’s precisely how we do it for you at 3hues. We use state of the art digital techniques, software and equipment. But more importantly, we only house artists who take the greatest pride in the quality of each and every picture they work on. Our artists are eager to utilize their many years of experience, and caring attention to detail, to ensure that you receive a flawless product you’ll be proud to display on your wall.

Whether your photographs need general alterations or sophisticated editing, you can rest assured that we successfully tackle similar projects on a regular basis. We are prepared to meet whatever challenge you have to throw at us. Making your photos look amazing, is not just our work ethic, it’s our passion. With 3hues you will always receive the absolute highest quality individualized service, at an affordable price.

Glamour photo service – Main elements

Professional glamour portrait photo retouching services provide Photoshop assistance in order to enhance models’ portfolios, printed or online advertisements, magazine covers’ photographs, popular events or celebrations photo shootings, interior photography, etc.

There is a wide range of conditions that must be accounted in order to get a wonderful fashion picture that further will be a beautiful embellishment of every fashion magazine, catalogue or portfolio.

Teeth whitening. This technique is a must-have in portrait retouching service. A perfect white smile with ideally even teeth must be on all fashion photographs.

Skin smoothing. This condition is the most difficult and time consuming to achieve. It demands much knowledge of Photoshop and glamour retouching techniques, amateur photographers usually make many mistakes on this step. If you are a beginning photo editor, we recommend using photo correction services for this purpose.

Editing background distractions is included to image background removal services where you can also change the background, its color, shadows and tints, get rid of strangers or unnecessary objects. We highly recommend using photo culling services to get rid of the damaged photos which is not expensive – only for 0,05 per a photos.

Perfect is similar to natural but it is very difficult to receive this happy medium while post processing the photos. Remove blemishes, then smooth and soften skin, and do it naturally as if no glamour photo retouching techniques were made. If you want this level – you should order high end photo retouching.

Enhancing the makeup should be done. Brighten the eyes or lips, get rid of stray hair on the face, add tints, remove pimples. Everything is included to our glamour photo editing packages.

Glamour photo service – Main elements

Strong points of our glamour photo editors

Our editing firm has gathered only high quality specialists in the demanding sphere of glamour photo editing. Having choosing us, you may not hesitate about the possibility of getting amazing results after applying our fashion retouching services.

High End Samples Here you can see our retouch examples with High End retouch. After viewing them, you will understand of what glamour photo editing consists.

Natural Look Many beginning photographers can spoil the images with over photo-shopping, but not our team. Weed-it.photos command takes care of our customers photos and does not produce a result that appears overly airbrushed.

Raw Supported We accept all formats for photo editing services like JPG, PNG, GIFF, TIFF, PSD or PDF.

Affordable Rate No benefits concerning advanced glamour retouching are as expensive as might have though. Photo editing prices our company has are one of the lowest among other websites or companies. We have fixed rates only. Thus, you will not become surprised in a definitely negative way while paying for our professional photo enhancement services. They are quite reasonable and pocket-friendly.

Fashion Photography Trends In the photo editing blog you will find information about how to start a photography career, get rid of the most common mistakes. You will read about the last news in fashion photography – poses, highly paid models, High End photo editors, tips and tricks in glamour photo editing Photoshop techniques.

Strong points of our glamour photo editors


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