Exposure Correction

EXPOSURE is a term one stumbles on every time photography is discussed, in simple terms exposure pretty much defines if a picture is dark or bright. The picture with the correct exposure is pleasing to the eye and the elements and objects in the picture are well defined.

The CORRECT EXPOSURE is defined by the light be it indoors or outdoors, the quality of light and the brightness of the darkness of the object pretty much drives the exposure. When the exposure is correct the object is clearly visible and distinct.

With the best of photographers and the best of equipment it is not always possible to get the right exposure. Many a time the pressure of the shoot and the CHANGING LIGHT QUALITY and the need to shoot the picture at the very moment and many other such limitations lead to either UNDEREXPOSED OR OVEREXPOSED PICTURES.

The process of CORRECTING AN IMAGE WITH A FLAWED EXPOSURE is, IMAGE EXPOSURE CORRECTION. This is extremely critical in REAL ESTATE PHOTO SHOOTS, PRODUCT PHOTOS AND CATALOGUES to ensure the images are perfect and showcase the product truly to the potential buyer.

Why Use Exposure Correction Service?

Exposure correction is able to truly reflect a picture perfect moment as it appears in front of our eyes. Often cameras, photographers, lighting, and a range of other factors may be the reason for an image to not appear as natural as it does to the naked eye. Our eyes cannot in anyway be compared to cameras, since cameras cannot possibly match up to the level of detail as seen by our eyes. Exposure correction attempts to mimic the appearance of an image as much as possible to the perfection attained by our sight.

Look at the example above, where the two images look starkly different. Yet both are the same image and perfection is attained after exposure correction.

Outsource Photo Correction Services

EXPOSURE CORRECTION is a specialized process that requires the artist to have a keen sense of colors and lighting and heightened aesthetic sense. As much as the professional photographers are aware of the process and the theory that lies behind it, very few master the skill and technique of using the advanced software’s to perfect images before they can be used on websites or other medium where they are not only scrutinized, but need to be at their attractive best.


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