Draw Clipping Path in Photoshop: The Pen Tool

When it comes to producing high quality Photoshop clipping paths, the reality is there is no quick and easy way to attain a high-quality cutout – you just have to do it appropriately… by hand. When drawing clipping paths, the more you use the Pen Tool in Photoshop, the faster and more expert you’ll become. If you click and hold the Pen Tool in the Photoshop Tools Palette you’ll see a list of all its supplementary tools. The only ones you’ll use are the Pen Tool, Freedom Pen Tool, +Add Anchor Point Tool, –Delete Anchor Point Tool and Convert Point Tool. And you will have to select the Pen Tool constantly from the Tool bar. It’ll become second nature if you persevere. Now start clipping path by dragging your mouse pointer step by step following an appropriate distance around the image. You’ll quickly pick up how the tools work. As you can see below, you should draw the image so that the path is nearly in the center of the anti-aliasing. Anti-aliasing occurs when the computer blends the hard edges of an image object by using an average of the object color and background color in order to soften the difference between the foreground and background objects.

This minimizes the amount of background color that might appear around the edges of the final image cutout. Once you have traced all the way around the image, select ‘Save Path’ from the Paths sub-menu (as explained above), and then select ‘Clipping Path’. You’ll be asked for a ‘Flatness’ value. Go away this empty. Make sure the image is 300 DPI actual size and CMYK. Save it as a Photoshop EPS file with default values, and place it in In-design. Select View/Display Performance/High Quality Display in order to get the best on-screen redraws, and you’ll see that the outline is much more perfect with much less ghosting, and it has a smooth, exact edge.


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