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Color Correction Service

Discover professional photo color correction with our company. This photo retouch point subsidizes into the structure of a photograph altogether. It is the procedure of changing the original picture so to make it more truthful. Natural Photoshop work is guaranteed. It is not the point of making the photo scientifically relevant. It can be achieved by means of image editing programs like Adobe Photoshop or Light Room. There is a wide range of tools enabling customers to work with color correction issues. Among them are Curves, Levels, Auto Tone and Color Balancing.

Amateur photographers consider Photoshop a quite challenging one to work with. Many online post production photo editing services do not guarantee that the image will become skillfully edited, especially when an amateur retouches did it. We are an exception. You can ensure in our words viewing the huge list of photo editing examples in the portfolio page.

What does our color correction service suggest?

Color is the fundamental issue that helps to convey the message and ideas in photography. Post processing the color includes 2 simple stages: main and minor color grading. Our service’s specialized photo editors modify your photograph’s colors overall – see our retouch examples. Initial color correction concerns editing of the whole photograph. It involves the procedure of using different outfits when changing and intensifying the choice of RBG; highlighting white on image scale, adjusting shades, colors and shadows. Modifications of such kind can produce entirely another photo.

Next, they concentrate on improving particular issues, for example removing or adding shadows, removing red eyes, etc. Minor correction deals with hue, luminance and saturation of an image.

Color Correction

Peculiarities of color correction services for each photograph

Color adjusting is a must-have if you want to realize a consistent look in a qualified photography workflow. It is also a significant step before transferring pictures to be printed. Our photography post processing services provide all clients with a survey, that lets our image retouches to adjust photographs due to the shooter’s style and special desires for a service. In the photo editing blog which is always full of retouching examples in all the field of photography can help you to understand the standards of colors nowadays.

The color correction services provide patrons with editing photos like portraits, landscapes, wedding events, images for various magazines depending on the specialty of edition etc. Each kind of photography art needs different approach to its professional photo retouching and color correction in particular.

correction services for each photograph

Portrait Image

Professional photo color correction and color grading are always used while working with portrait photography. High end photo retouching is also concerned with these manipulations. The images are perfect for further usage in numerous variations: publishing in fashionable magazines and entering model’s portfolio. Here we provide skin smothering and eye sharping, split tones, blemish removal and dodging and burning.

The range of these image editing services vary throughout the purposes of the footage and depending on aim presupposed when taking photos. Portrait retouching service is a great help especially during a high season or when you want to develop your photography business.

Portrait Image

Commercial Photography

This genre of photography demands much attention and only detailed photo correction services. We provide the following services to cope with the following difficulties:

* Cropping and straightening. It helps your products to be wanted to buy. Making the best-looking form is the main goal.
* Colors & Exposure. Professional editors work at the adjustment of the full image using Exposure, Contrast, and Highlighting, Shadow tools to get an image featured in the natural air.
* Image details. It means that images becoming more clear and sharp after noise eliminating.

We provide professional glamour portrait photo retouching too. If you need it, send your pictures and write detailed instructions and we will return the results during 2 days.

Commercial Photography

Wedding images

Wedding photo editing service takes charge of the photos of the most important event in the live of every person. That is why our company as far being specialized in this field, realizes how important quality color correction is.

Before sending the order, we suggest our clients using the photo culling services which are usually very useful for wedding shooters especially in high summer seasons. This is the basics of the wedding photography editing service.

Wedding images


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