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Clipping Path Service

Clipping path CIT covers Multi path, clipping mask, basic, compound, complex or super complex clipping path services. We use manual Photoshop clipping path tools for clippings. Basically Clipping path is the selection of a certain area in an image. Clipping Path Service is the basic requirement of all Photoshop Image editing services. For example, If you need to remove background from an Image or if you need Image masking, ghost mannequin removal or Photo retouching services, first of all You have to do clipping path around the Image. In Clipping Path CIT, we use Adobe Photoshop pen tool to get the best and accurate clipping path work. It is used to do any Photoshop Image editing work like remove background, photo retouching, color correction, Image Masking, Shadow making, Ghost Mannequin or neck join services etc.

Multi Clipping Path is offered by Clipping Path CIT. It is much like Basic Clipping Path service, but a bit more advanced. Simply said, clipping path services are used to make selections. Specifically, to select one main subject. Multi Clipping Path works with selection of multiple objects and on occasion, combining them, in such a way, that they match each other. To give you a simple example, think about taking a picture of a person, selecting and taking only the person out. On another picture, selecting clothes of a person and adding them to the previously selected person.

Basic Clipping Path Service

Basic Clipping Path is most often used for marketing purposes. We make sure the use of clipping path service technology for your Images. Images of different types are handled in different methods and for each type, different effects are applied to generate different results.

Basic Clipping Path

Complex Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is the process of making a selection of a area of interest in an image. Basic clipping path is mostly about selecting solid objects. Complex Clipping Path service is about selecting objects, which are not so solid. Think of a necklace with a background if you will. This service offered by Clipping Path CIT, can be used to select more detailed objects.

Complex Clipping Path

Super Complex Clipping Path Service

In Flatness Clipping Path Service, there has to do with smoothing the edges of selection portions of pictures. Clipping Path service not only about selecting the image, but also making the end result presentable. Take a look at gallery to get a better idea about what we’re talking about.

Super Complex Clipping Path

Flatness Clipping Path Service

Super Complex Clipping Path service is a more advanced version of Complex Clipping Path. Think of selecting a net from a picture. The details that would go into it would be far more intricate. Super complex clipping path works on situations with a lot more detail.

Flatness Clipping Path


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