Banner Design Services

Banner Design Services – a graphical advertising unit. Banners are necessary for the formation of the image, or to attract potential customers. We produce flash banners for online advertising. Banner – is an animated graphic image (sometimes video) connected via hyperlinks to the advertiser’s site or a page with more information. This type of advertising is one of the most popular formats of online advertising.

Flash banner – the image file format SWF. Unlike traditional banner ads, using bitmap graphics, this type of banners use vector graphics, allowing you to do animation effects with a small amount of the banner. Also, in the Flash-banners can use sound effects, respectively, increases the effectiveness of banner as an advertising medium compared with traditional methods.

Banner Design Services

What are the different kinds of Banner Design Services advertising?

Targeted advertising aims to attract the attention of the higher number of visitors interested in buying products or services presented on the site. The basic principle of such a campaign is the placement of banners on sites-sites that are similar in theme to the advertiser, and visitors, which can be attributed to the category of potential customers. Payment is usually carried out for each click (go on a banner on the website).

Imaginary Banner Design Services ads designed to increase awareness of the company through the mass placement of banners on the websites you visit popular topics. With this arrangement, payment is usually performed for the number of banner impressions on the site

Banner Design Services advertising

What are the advantages of banner Design Services advertising?

* Picture banner or animation attracts more attention than text information.

* The standard sizes of banners allow you to use one resource to many sites.

* Geo-targeting (targeting) – the service of banner networks, search engines, which makes it possible to show ads only in certain geographic areas.

Banner Design Services advertising

Where can I place a Banner Design Services?

First of all, your Banner Design Services can be placed on other sites that are often visited. On most of these sites have a section “Advertising” or “For Advertisers”, which describes the rates for advertising and contact the site administrator.

With the help of Internet banners, you can improve your advertising campaigns in Google Ad Words and Yandex Direct. Advertise with beautiful pictures attract more attention of potential customers than those without it.

To place a banner on another site does not necessarily money. You can offer mutual banner exchange for a certain period. True for sites with similar attendance. For sites with low attendance this method is practically effective.

Banner Design Services advertising


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